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Xiaotian Shen, MD (China), MPH, LAc 497

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“Love is the best medicine.”

Dr. Xiaotian Shen is a 4th generation Chinese Medicine practitioner. In his home growing up, he was surrounded by frequent conversations about the philosophies of healing and medicine. “The philosophical part of Chinese medicine most appeals to me for its unique perspective of the universe and deep rooted heritage.”

Shen taught acupuncture and herbal medicine at two colleges in China and was also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at the Teaching Hospital of CCECK. He has been a professor and practitioner with AOMA since 1999. Shen’s medical specialties include pain management, neurological disorders, emotional/mental care, reproductive and digestive health, auto-immune disorders, etc.

In addition to contributing to various professional journals, and participating in several research projects, he serves as a member of the NCCAOM exam writing committee and is a certified examiner of the Clean Needle Techniques. He is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences, as well as local hospitals and universities in the fields of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, emotional care, pain management, women’s health, and herbal safety.

Dr. Shen enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, travelling, photography, and technology.

Licensure and Certification
Texas State Board of Medical Examiners License
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
CCAOM certified Clean Needle Technique instructor

Patient Testimonial

I am a patient of Xiaotian Shen.  I had very extensive surgery on my back in 2000.  For 6 years I lived on T-3 for the pain that I was left with after the surgery.  I had PT, different procedures and different medications but in the end was told that the muscles were in constant spasms and there was nothing to be done for me, I just was to live on narcotics. It was suggested to me to try acupuncture by a Navy Dr. but I knew that TRICARE wasn’t covered so I just didn’t do anything about it.  After moving here to Austin things changed for me.  My daughter who worked at the GLO heard Shen talk and met him and was so impressed that she told me about him and AOMA.  I actually made an appointment and she went with me for the first visit.  Dr. Shen changed my life and I have been off all pain medications since I started seeing him in 2007.  I recently came back due to more back problems with herniated disc etc.  He is helping me once again.  I can’t say enough for Shen, acupuncture and wish there were some way that I could force TRICARE to become a partner with you. - C. Belcher