Our Providers

Our providers serve patients at 2 Austin acupuncture clinic locations. 

Robert Laguna, MSOM, LAc

 “Meet patients where they are.”

Robert Laguna’s clinical work includes protocols for a wide variety of common ailments, a specialty interest in pain management, and the treatment of patients with chemical dependencies.  He also provides integrative care in family practice clinics alongside Western physicians. “Acupuncture’s role on the detox process and the subsequent recovery from addictions is powerful,” Laguna says, adding that,  “I also recognize that pain has physical and emotional causes and symptoms and often manifest as discomfort of all sorts. This is why I have trained over decades to utilize the most effective pain management tools that exist in our field.”

Laguna notes the most transformational experience in his practice has been making home visits for stroke patients and says that, “These experiences really expanded my treatment repertoire and my understanding of what a physician’s role in a patient’s life is.” Participation in relief efforts for natural disasters and missions to provide the medicine to underserved areas has also been transformational for him. In 1998, Laguna joined the acupuncture brigade that brought relief and education to medical personnel in Honduras in the wake of Hurricane Mitch.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Laguna was raised in San Antonio, where he later practiced ear acupuncture as an auriculotherapist for a chemical dependency clinic. His desire to learn more about acupuncture and Chinese medicine led him to the master’s degree program at AOMA in 1994.  Laguna appreciates the systematic thought process and assessment required to make a correct diagnosis and activate an effective treatment in the practice of Chinese medicine. He notes that, “It’s a system of medicine that is introspective and treats every individual with respect and honor. I think it’s important to listen to my patients with compassion.”  This sense of compassion and respect for others transfer to patients and students alike at AOMA, where Laguna teaches, supervises student interns, and serves as Dean of Students in addition to his clinical practice.Laguna says. “AOMA has always felt like home to me. I have been here for almost 20 years now and it still feels like that. Students, staff, faculty, administrators alike are engaged in the same goals and are welcoming.”

In his personal life, Robert Laguna is the music and artistic director for the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble and the founding member of the Austin Brass, Frontier Brass Quintet, and Pecan Street Brass Quintet ensembles. He also participates and performs in other community groups in the Austin area.

Licensure and Certification

  • Texas State Board of Medical Examiners License
  • Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)