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Our providers serve patients at 2 Austin acupuncture clinic locations. 

Yaoping ‘Violet’ Song, PhD, LAc

“Bitter pills may have blessed effects.”

At just 17 years of age, Dr. Song knew that the study of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was her calling. She was introduced to the medicine from early childhood through her family, who use Chinese medicine for their own health care. Dr. Song’s passion for Chinese medicine is also inspired by its rich history. “Chinese medicine can solve complicated diseases in a simple way,” Dr. Song says. “There is a lot of Zen in the background of TCM, gathered from the wisdom of ancestors dating back 2,000 years. All those experiences and dimensions can still be applied today to heal a disease.”  Becoming a practitioner of Chinese medicine came naturally to Dr. Song, and her enthusiasm for the profession is enhanced by her clinical work, her research program, and by her teaching.

Prior to beginning her employment with AOMA in 2008, Dr. Song worked as an instructor at Chengdu University in China, where she lectured on the science of TCM prescriptions, TCM herbology, and TCM pharmacology. Her participation in research studies investigating the compatibility, pharmacology, and toxicology of TCM formulas and Chinese ethnic medicine, including Tibetan medicinal herbs, have in part been funded by the National Science Foundation of China. An innovative an active scholar, Dr. Song also holds the invention patent for an herbal injection for treating cerebral and vascular diseases.

Dr. Song’s clinical practice has grown steadily, which is a testament to her expertise and reputation. “I strive to care for the whole well-being of my patients: mind, body and spirit,” Song says. Dr. Song’s medical practice focuses on female disorders, stress, insomnia, hormonal disorders, respiratory diseases, and facial acupuncture, in addition to pediatric herbal consultations. She also has a passion for dietary and Chinese herbal consultations. As she explains: “As a female practitioner, I understand the needs of female patients well. As a mom, I understand a lot about children’s health and appreciate a mother’s love for her children. As a daughter, I know when our parents also need care from us.”

Dr. Song loves to travel with her family to explore different places in order to learn about American culture and history, to appreciate the natural beauty of this country, and to meet lovely people from all over the world. She also enjoys jogging, hiking, and kayaking.

Clinical Specialties

  • Traditional Chinese medicine herbal formulas
  • Tibetan medicinal herbs

Licensure and Certification

  • Texas State Board of Medical Examiners License
  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)