Our Providers

Our providers serve patients at 2 Austin acupuncture clinic locations. 

Zhenni Jin, DAOM, LAc

DAOM, AOMA (2019)

MCM, Hong Kong Baptist University (2016)

BMed, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine (2015)

Zhenni Jin is the youngest DAOM graduate from AOMA, and also, she is the first student to join the doctoral program in China.  She is an articulate and determined person with a vast range of clinical experience in the United States, Hong Kong, and mainland China. After earning her medical degree at the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Jin pursued postgraduate clinical study at Hong Kong Baptist University. She took the opportunity to study advanced acupuncture and Tuina at the local medical center, specialized in neurology, orthopedics, and traumatology of Chinese medicine. Since 2010 when her medical journey began, Jin always believed that medical research is essential as clinical practice. She spent her extra time joining the experimental research program when she was in Hong Kong and focusing on the data analysis about the dynamical biomarkers in the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston during the summer break of her DAOM program. She is recognized for professionalism, resourcefulness, and competence in resolving problems and hitting project deadlines with tight schedules. Chinese medicine made Jin more into traditional Chinese culture. she loves writing Chinese calligraphy in her spare time. She does a lot of translating and interpreting work for many international lectures and speeches in the Chinese medicine field.

Jin started her TCM journey as an Acupuncture and Tui Na bachelor major. With ten years of practice and study from mainland China, Hong Kong, and the United States, jin started to focus on holistic mind-body management with Chinese medicine philosophy, combine with the herbal application, Anisa bodywork (tui na). Jin began my DAOM program with AOMA in 2017 and became a full-time faculty in April 2021 after graduation. Over the past years as a student at AOMA, one thing she has been surprised by is the number of mentors who cared about her professional development and have also been very interested in making sure that she found balance in her life developed at a personal level. This experience helps jin switch the role from student to instructor and more dedicated to patient care and health education for the public.

Chinese medicine listens to what the body reveals rather than commanding the body, diving deep into conscious understanding superficially. It is a fascinating science to find us integrated within nature rather than isolating us into fragments within our species. That is the reason why Chinese medicine, with thousands of years of empirical legitimacy, is like a wise and vibrant elder to our younger and eager medical system in the West; it has so much to offer. It is how Chinese medicine affects Jin. She will continue to be inspired by her mentors and peers across the medical field and treat all patients with remarkable intelligence, kindness, and humanity.


Clinic Specialties:

Muscular-pain disorders
Emotional health
Women’s health
Skin care and treatment
Pediatric tui na

Licensure and Certifications:

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners License
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Acu Detox Specialist (NADA)
Certified Tuina Practitioner (AOBTA)