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Introduction to Neijing Studies with the Xinglin Institute Beginning (Professionals)


Introduction to Neijing Studies

This year the Introduction to Neijing Studies Class will be taught through a combination of on-site and online classes. Beginning at the end of February, the Xinglin Institute in collaboration with the Academy for Oriental Medicine at Austin (AOMA) will offer a one-year training program n Neijing clinical medicine and classical acupuncture. This class consists of an ongoing series of online lectures with four on-site clinical training practicums held at AOMA in Austin, Texas.

The curriculum for the class is based on previous versions of the Introduction to Neijing studies class but has been extended to allow more time to explore targeted topics of Jingluo (channel and vessel) theory, increased classical text reading  and more clinical experience.
For those who have previously taken this class or for those would like to participate solely in the online lectures, it is possible to register for this series alone. Please see Dr. Neal's website for information on online only classes. Online content may be viewed live or may be watched later from recorded material.