DAOM Costs and Aid

AOMA intends to provide a high-quality education at a reasonable cost to students. Additionally, AOMA's doctoral program is approved by the US Department of Education to offer Financial Aid.

DAOM Tuition 2015-2016

The total cost of tuition + fees for students: $31,852

Program Costs

The total cost of tuition and fees for students: $31,852

Subject to governing board approval, AOMA reserves the right to make tuition adjustments of 4-8% per year that reflect changes in the cost of living and cost of education.

Program Related Fees and Charges

Application Fee, nonrefundable (US Students only)    


Facility Fee (per term)



Practicum Insurance (per term)*




Miscellaneous Costs

In addition to tuition, there are a number of other expenses that students should anticipate, including textbooks and clinical tools such as stethoscopes and needles. The cost of books and clinical supplies varies per term. Program estimated costs for books and supplies are approximately $500 - $1,000.

Other Fees

Other Fees and Charges



Returned Check 


Additional Diploma


Official Transcript 


Tuition Payment Plan Fee**


Late Monthly Payment Fee**         


Late Tuition Payment Fee

1% of unpaid balance, added monthly

* Practicum insurance covers the student throughout his/her clinical and techniques education at AOMA. This is an estimated cost and may vary slightly from year to year.
** The Tuition Payment Plan and Late Monthly Payment Fees are for those students who pay tuition on a monthly payment plan only. Late Monthly Payment Fee is assessed if monthly payments are more than five days late.

AOMA reserves the right to withhold the transcripts or diploma for any student or graduate with an outstanding balance or unreturned library books and/or other AOMA property.

All tuition is due by the end of the first week of the term unless arrangements for payment are made with the financial services administrator prior to the end of the first Friday of the term.

Tuition Payment Plan

A per-term payment plan for tuition is available upon approval for a fee of $50 per term. The following lists the fees associated with paying tuition via a scheduled payment plan.

Tuition Payment Plan Fee (per term arrangement)


Grace Period Payments (made within 5 business days of due date)       

no fee

Late Payments (made after 5 days past due date)


Financial Aid

AOMA offers various forms of financial aid to new and current students including federal Direct Student Loans, Federal Work Study, veteran's/military tuition benefits, and scholarships. Interested students are encouraged to explore the following pages for more information or to contact the Financial Aid Office by email or by phone (512) 492-3007.

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

Go to the Financial Aid section.

Contact Financial Aid Team

Program Disclosures

The Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program commences in July of 2013. Information about the On-time Completion Rate, Median Loan Debt, and Placement Rate will become available upon completion of the degree program by the initial cohort of doctoral students.


AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine prepares students to work as acupuncturists (Standard Occupational Classification #29-199.01).