Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine Program

Chinese Herbal Education and Certificate Program for Non-Degree Seeking Students


Designed for individuals who have already completed a degree in acupuncture at an ACAOM accredited school, but who need additional instruction in Chinese herbal medicine for professional licensure, the Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CCHM) Program offers access to AOMA’s renowned herbal studies curriculum and faculty.

Students enrolled in the Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine Program take classes alongside traditional master’s students and are eligible to take the NCCAOM board exam in Chinese herbal medicine upon completion of their studies.

The CCHM Program is comprised of 54 credit hours (774 hours) of herbal education in both classroom and clinical settings. Student resources include an herbal lab, an herbal medicine center which stocks over 350 herbs in various forms, and a learning garden where herbs are grown in conjunction with the American Botanical Council.

Non-degree students enrolled in the Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine Program are not eligible to matriculate to the Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at AOMA because they have already completed an acupuncture degree, or the majority of their coursework, at another institution. However, completing this program may make a student eligible for one of AOMA’s doctor of acupuncture and herbal medicine programs.

Eligibility for financial aid for this certificate program is dependent on each individual’s personal status. Please contact the director of financial aid.

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All non-degree seeking students in the Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine Program are required to meet with the transfer advisor for review of their prior course work and placement within the CCHM program. Students must adhere to all corequisite and prerequisite requirements detailed in the Program Catalog.

The Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine Program may be completed within 1 year and 6 months, depending the term of entry and course offerings each term.

Didactic Curriculum:

Total Credits/ Hours: 45 credits/ 558 hours

  • Chinese Herbology I, II, III
  • Chinese Herbal Studies Lab I, II, III
  • Chinese Herbal Safety and Herb-Drug Interactions
  • Nutrition & Dietary Therapy
  • Chinese Patent Herbal Medicine
  • Chinese Herbal Formulations I, II, III
  • Syndrome-based Herbs & Formulas
  • Chinese Herbal Treatment of Disease I, II, III
  • Biomedical Pharmacology
  • Biomedical DIagnostic Techniques: Body Imaging, Fluids ANalysis, and Lab Reports

Clinical Curriculum:

Total Credits/ Hours: 9 credits/ 216 hours

  • Herb Clinic 1
  • Herb Clinic 2
  • Herb Clinic 3
  • Herb Clinic 4
  • Herb Clinic 5
  • Herbal Dispensary

Admissions Requirements

In order to enroll in the Certificate inChinese Herbal Medicine Program, non-degree seeking students must meet the admissions criteria in place for traditional students applying to the AOMA's graduate degree program. 

Application Materials:

Applicants who meet the admissions requirements will be considered for admission upon submission of:

  • Completed application form
  • Official college transcripts sent directly from the college(s) attended to AOMA’s admissions office
    • Personal statement of no less than 350 words that includes:
    • Reasons for embarking on this course of study at this school
    • Demonstration of a keen desire to study Oriental medicine
    • Proof of an understanding of the major commitment of time, finances, and personal dedication necessary for a successful academic career
    • Preparation for transition to graduate school and/or relocation to Austin
    • Career plans
  • Current resume or C.V., outlining educational and professional development
  • Two letters of recommendation sent directly to AOMA from professionals, instructors, and/or employers who know the applicant and the applicant’s skills and ability to perform master’s-level studies.
    • Letters must be signed by the authors. Letters may be submitted via AOMA’s electronic submission system bearing the electronic signature of the author (see online application form for details) or submitted by mail or fax. If faxed, letters should be printed on letterhead.
    • AOMA does not accept letters of recommendation submitted by direct email, photocopies, or unsigned letters.
  • Copies of any professional licenses or certificates held by applicant
  • A copy of a valid driver’s license or passport

There is a nonrefundable application fee of $75.

Tuition and Program Cost

Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine Program Tuition and Program Costs

Please Note: Tuition costs per term will vary depending on enrollment level. Advance registration/payment is not possible. Students in the Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine Program are non-degree seeking students and are consequently not eligible for AOMA scholarships.