MAcOM Costs and Aid

In addition to our stewardship of AOMA as one of the leading schools of Chinese medicine, we are committed to providing the best possible educational experience at the most reasonable cost. Additionally, AOMA's programs are approved by the US Department of Education to offer Financial Aid.

Tuition 2015 - 2016

The total cost of tuition + fees for students is $72,748.
(Based on full-time pace of study.)

Program Costs


The total cost of tuition + fees for students is $72,748.
(Based on full-time pace of study.)

The total cost of tuition + fees + books + supplies for students is $75,768.
(Based on full-time pace of study.  Fees, books and supplies are estimated.)

AOMA reserves the right to make tuition adjustments of 4 - 8% per year that reflect changes in the cost of living and cost of education, subject to governing board approval.

Cost Breakdown by Term

Students typically progress through AOMA's curriculum at one of three paces: accelerated, full-time, or part-time. Each of these paces requires a different level of enrollment and, consequently, entails different associated costs.

Tuition Payment Plan

All tuition is due by the end of the first week of the term unless arrangements for payment are made prior to that date.

Students may set up a tuition payment plan with the Financial Services Administrator (512-492-3007 or by email). Tuition plans are valid for individual terms only and must be established for each new term prior to the end of the first week of classes. A fee of $50 will be charged for every term payment plan setup. As the term progresses, if payments cannot be made as planned, students must contact the Financial Services Administrator (512-492-3007 or by email) to make other arrangements.

Late payments will be assessed fees according to the following schedule:

  • Payments made within 5 days of due date: . . . . .No fee
  • Payments made 5 days after due date: . . . . . . .  .$25

In order to add classes and/or clinics after the term begins, students must have either paid tuition or have established a payment plan.

Program Related Fees
  • Application Fee, nonrefundable (U.S. Students only): $75
  • Foreign Student Application Fee, nonrefundable: $225
  • Facility Fee (per term): $85
  • Part-time surcharge (less than 12 credits, per term, excluding summer): $20
  • Practicum Insurance (per term)*: $75
  • Clinic Practical Examination Fee: $40
  • Graduation Fee: $125

Other Fees

  • Add/Drop Fee for courses (after no-fee deadline): $30
  • Add/Drop Fee for clinics (after no-fee deadline): $60
  • Challenge Exam Fee (each exam): $25
  • Comprehensive Exit Exam (retake): $75
  • Make-up Fee (for any course exam): $40
  • Audit Fee (per credit): $25
  • Returned Check Fee: $25
  • Additional Diploma Fee: $40
  • Transcript Fee: $15
  • Finance Charge (per term or summer)**: $50
  • Late Monthly Payment Fee: $25

*The insurance covers the student throughout his/her clinical and techniques training at AOMA. This is an estimated cost and may vary slightly from year to year.

**The finance fee is for those students paying tuition on a monthly payment plan only. If monthly payments are more than 5 days late there is an additional $25 late fee. The $50 finance fee is charged each term to those students not paying tuition in full at the time of registration.

AOMA reserves the right to withhold the transcripts or diploma of any student or graduate with an outstanding balance or unreturned library books and/or other AOMA property.

Miscellaneous Costs

In addition to tuition, there are a number of other expenses that students should anticipate, including textbooks, an herbal sample kit, a lab jacket, and clinical tools such as stethoscopes and needles. The cost of books and clinical supplies averages about $150 per term, with book costs slightly higher the first term of any given year.

Financial Aid

AOMA offers various forms of financial aid to new and current students including federal Direct Student Loans, Federal Work Study, veteran's/military tuition benefits, and scholarships. Interested students are encouraged to explore the following pages for more information or to contact the Financial Aid Office by email or by phone (512) 492-3007.

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

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