Research at AOMA

A central educational objective for both the doctoral and master's programs in acupuncture and Chinese medicine is to that of incorporating evidence and experience-based practices into the instruction of our students and in the clinical practice of both faculty and students.

The Mission of AOMA is to transform lives and communities through education, patient care, leadership and research in Chinese and other integrative medicines.

It is a stated goal within AOMA’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan for the institution to develop a sustainable research department that will create, implement,and complete research in Chinese and other integrative medicines. AOMA’s research arm will be sustainable by utilizing external funding resources which will contribute to the financial health of the institution. AOMA will also support faculty, student and alumni research projects. 

AOMA strives to provide basic research literacy, and more in-depth training in clinical research, with the stated goal of developing practitioners who can assess and apply research findings to practice, who can appreciate the potential strengths and weaknesses in the approaches and design, and who can apply research methodologies in the study of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine research, as well as conventional biomedical research.

Research Department

Professionalism, ethical responsibility, and federal regulation all require that an unbiased review by the Scientific review Committee (SRC) and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) precede the implementation of a research program.

Research and Projects

Our faculty and student researchers are engaged in the ethical conduct of research in the fields of the study of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine and in the development of institutional research partnerships.

Faculty Scholarship and Publications

AOMA faculty members have rich and varied scholarly backgrounds and many have distinguished records of research productivity and publications both here and abroad.