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Admissions Requirements

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  1. Masters Doctoral

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Traditional Students

Students come to AOMA from a wide range of backgrounds and inspired by many different life experiences. It is this very diversity that creates the rich, vibrant community you’ll find with your fellow students. Bring your passion and your unique perspective. You’ll find an environment welcoming of the person you are, and supportive of whom you’ll become.

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Transfer Students

Each year, 10 – 15 students transfer to AOMA from other Chinese medicine schools. Because most ACAOM accredited acupuncture schools have similar curricular standards, students are typically able to transfer the bulk of their credits. Students interested in transferring to AOMA will meet with our transfer advisor for a transcript review to ensure proper placement in our program.


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International Students

AOMA welcomes qualified applicants from around the world, and looks forward to enriching the student body through increased diversity on campus. In addition to meeting all of the admissions requirements for domestic students, international students are required to submit additional application materials.


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Application Dates

AOMA conducts four quarters each year; the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms. Find out the when to apply for each upcoming term.