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Summer Term 2014:

Please join us for New Student Orientation: (all events are mandatory)
Thursday & Friday, July 17th-18th - times TBD
Monday, July 21st - 1:30pm - 2:00pm (Library & IT Orientation)

Orientation Schedule
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You have answered the call and are taking the first few steps of your tremendous journey. For some of you, those steps have included boxing up all of your worldly possessions and creating space for yourself in a new city. Others among you may have been restructuring work or family life. Either way (and every way in between), you are currently engaged in a time of transition. You are leaving, letting go of, and putting aside certain elements of your life, and shifting, compressing, or changing others - all to make space for a great, big unknown.

The overarching goal of AOMA's orientation program is to help you gain a better sense of your place in and your connections to this new environment. To help acquaint you with that unknown, we've scheduled a number of orientation activities.

In the time before classes begin, we encourage you to reflect, connect, and prepare.  


While you have time, you may find it beneficial to reflect on yourself as a student and a future practitioner of Chinese medicine.

Some broad questions to consider:
What brings me to this program?
What do I hope to achieve or accomplish with this medicine?
How do I define success?
How can I create space and compassion for different outcomes within my personal definition of success?

Some more specific questions to consider:
What kind of student am I?
What are my best study strategies?
What kinds of support do I typically require?
Who can I count on to give me support when I need it?
Where can I go/what can I do to relax and get mental and emotional space?

Balancing mind and body:
As you organize and structure your life to make space for your studies, be sure to leave time for activities that foster a sense of personal balance.The practice of qigong helps induce a relaxation response that may positively impact your body’s natural healing ability and increase your sense of balance in a seemingly stressful world. Practicing simple qigong exercises such as Zhongtian Yiqi (Sitting Meditation) can help you maintain peace of mind. AOMA offers free Zhongtian Yiqi meditation classes every Sunday evening. Please feel free to participate in these community events or practice on your own.


Connect to the Campus Community:
There are many ways to explore the latest news and events taking place within AOMA's student community. You can begin connecting to the AOMA community on the web by:


Arriving to campus prepared and ready to begin classes is an important part of starting your journey at AOMA. An essential part this preparation is to create a support network for yourself both in your own life and on campus. We encourage you to become familiar with the supportive resouces on AOMA's campus available to assist you. These include:

Academic Support & Advising
Faculty Members

Administrative Support
Professional Development & Career Resources
Student Health Resources
Counseling Services
Library Resources
Textbook Information
AOMA Herbal Medicine
(the bookstore)

Tackle the To-Do List:
Taking time to complete all of the requirements for new students- enrollment forms, online training, and immunization requirements- before orientation allows you to focus entirely on your classes and connecting with classmates during the first week of the term.

To complete your online training before orientation begins, log-on to to the AOMA student portal. (Detailed navigation instructions can be found in your New Student Packet. Access to the online training will be granted after registration.)

As always, please contact the admissions office with any questions or concerns: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), (512) 492-3013.