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Course Schedules

Course Scheduleschinese medicine courses

Course schedules are published usually one month prior to registration each term. Each schedule details the courses and clinics offered for the term.

Schedules are not provided in print, but each link below includes a printable version.

Updates to course/clinic schedules. Term schedules are subject to change as due to registration results, a course or clinic may be cancelled. These changes will be made to the posted schedules and the registrar will email all affected students of the change. Once registration concludes, changes to classroom assignments frequently occur due to final course registration. Students are expected to double-check term schedules prior to the first class meeting.

Fall 2013

Didactic Schedule 10/09 UPDATED: Acupuncture Seminar Date Revision & Classroom Switch
Mind/Body Center Schedule 09/20
North Clinic Schedule 09/05 - UPDATED! Clinic cancellation.
South, Offsite, & Community Clinics 07/31

Winter 2014

Didactic Schedule 12/10 - Instructor change
Mind/Body Center Schedule 10/11
North Clinic Schedule 12/05 - Clinic Cancellation
South, Offsite, & Community Clinics 12/10 - Supervisor change

Spring 2014

Didactic Schedule 04/11 - Classroom adjustments POSTED 0414
Mind/Body Center Schedule 02/04
North Clinic Schedule 03/13 - Revised w. clinic cancellations and addition
South, Offsite, & Community Clinics 03/13 - Revised w. clinic addition

Summer 2014 - NEW

Didactic Schedule 06/26 - Now houses mind/body center schedule
North Clinic Schedule 05/13
South, Offsite, & Community Clinics 05/13

Seminar Schedule - MAcOM Program

This schedule outlines the instructor and topic per term for each seminar. Please note that spring 2014 is the last term in which seminars will be offered for the master degree curriculum.

2012 - 2014 Seminar Schedule - October 2013 Update

Exam Schedule: Written & Practical, MAcOM

Spring 14: June 1, Second Level & Exit Practical exams and June 28, Written Benchmark &Exit exams
Summer 14: Aug 23, Written Benchmark & Exit exams and JULY 20, Practical exams - NEW DATE
Fall 14:  Nov 9, Practical Exams and Dec 6, Written Benchmark & Exit Exams

Students may register for these exams during registration each term, or by contacting the registrar. Once registered, students will be able to have quick access to study guides and other details regarding these exams via their student portal. These study materials are also available here:

The parameters for registering for the practical exams are listed below:

Second Level Practical: Completion of 500-600 total clinic hours
Exit Practical Exam: Completed within your last term at AOMA

Students beginning clinical internship FA13 term and after:
Level 1 Practical Exam: Completion of 144-180 clinical hours at level 1
Level 2 Practical Exam: Completion of 288-360 clinical hours at level 2

Course Schedule Glossary

Course title.  Corresponds with the course description found in the Program Catalog.
Course numbers. These start with the department code made up of two to three letters followed by a two to five-digit number. This is a unique number to the course/clinic that will be used during registration.
Instructor. If TBA or TBD, an instructor has yet to be assigned to this course/clinic.
Meeting times. Courses/clinics will meet for the full term as listed under the day assigned on the schedule. If a class meets on certain dates, or for only part of a term, this will be noted on the schedule. Occasionally we offer classes on only  Th/F or S/S.
Rooms. Classes will be assigned to classrooms in building E, B1, or the dojo. Clinics occur in their respective locations as indicated on the schedule.