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Student Checklists: Tasks & Requirements

To organize the many requirements that each MAcOM student is responsible for throughout the program, we have compiled the following checklists. These checklists encompass items from admission through post-graduation, and everything in between.

MAcOM Student Checklist: Fast Track
MAcOM Student Checklist: Full-Time

As you see above, these are broken down into two tracks, one for students following the fast track and one for those who are completing the program full-time. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please see an advisor or the registrar for clarification.

Registration Related

Registration Packet Every student receives registration materials via email which lists their assigned clinical registration time, based on total accumulated hours. Online registration dates are also included in this email, as well as on the student portal. Please click here to view an example of the contents of the registration packet. If you have misplaced and need to request another copy or just your registration time, please email the registrar.

Clinic Internship Resources

Status Change/Withdrawal  If at any time a student needs to change their status for the upcoming term, i.e. withdraw for the term, the Withdrawal request must be completed prior to being dropped from all registered coursework.

Exam Rescheduling: Policy & Procedure

The student is responsible for communicating with faculty and staff to schedule and complete missed exams. The student is solely responsible for making up any practical portion of an examination by arranging to complete directly with their instructor. Missed examinations, written or practical, must be completed prior to the next scheduled meeting of the course. If a missed exam is a final given within the last week of the term, the same scheduling deadline applies even when the next week is a break week. Final exams must be completed prior to the start of the next term. Please note: Final exams taken during break week may delay receipt of financial aid for the following term.

Notice: During the summer term, classes usually meet twice a week; this significantly changes the timeline of when exams must be completed.

Written examinations may be completed in the designated testing room from 12:30pm to 2pm Monday through Friday. Final written exams may be completed from 11am to 2pm Monday through Friday.  All exams must be completed by 2pm

Students who fail to complete their exam during their scheduled appointment will receive a zero on the examination.

A student who needs to schedule a make-up examination must:

  1. Scheduling In-Office: A student may visit the Finance office in person at least 24 hours in advance of their requested exam date and submit payment of the $40 fee and complete the required paperwork.

  2. Online: A student may submit their request through online payment of the $40 fee and email submission of the completed request form. Submission of the form and proof of payment must be submitted at the same time and be received at least 24 business hours in advance of the desired date. Business hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Exams may not be scheduled online during the weekend for an exam needing to be completed on Monday. Exams will not be scheduled without verification of online payment. If an individual is submitting payment on your behalf in an online transaction, you must notify us so that we know that your exam fee has been paid and by whom.

Written Exam Rescheduling Request Forms must be submitted with all information included on the form itself - NOT in an additional email. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Exam Online Payment

Submit completed form to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

On the day of the  exam, the student will report to the designated testing room to receive and complete their examination. Please Note: Exams will not be proctored earlier than the scheduled appointment.

Exceptions to this policy must be submitted directly to the instructor of the course, who if approves must submit to the registrar via email the terms of rescheduling the exam.


In order to be authorized to sit for the national exams, the registrar must submit paperwork to NCCAOM to allow you to take each test. The registrar submits transcripts and authorization to test once each competency course or online review courses are successfully completed. Students must request that their transcript and additional paperwork be sent directly from the registrar when each has met the outlined prerequisites, this is in no way an automatic process. Please note that these requirements are subject to change.

What are your requirements to be authorized to sit for board exams? 

Catalogs Prior to 2011-12: Require completion of the in-class competencies courses in order for the registrar to authorize you to sit to test

  • —  These are for credit courses required by your catalog that also affect GPA
  • —  The last Acupuncture Competencies (including Foundations) course was SP-13 (see Lesley Hamilton if you have not taken this course and have not already been contacted)
  • —  Herbal and Biomedical Competencies courses are still being offered, but the LAST in-class offerings run FA-13, WI-14, and SP-14

Catalog 2011-12 and beyond (includes Converts): Require completion of online “courses” in order for the registrar to authorize you to sit to test (beginning in the FA-13 term)

  • —  Four separate online classes – one for each NCCAOM exam
  • Foundations and Acupuncture are separated out into two separate “courses” to better reflect the two separate national exams, Biomedicine, and Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • —  Register for courses through online registration period each term or by contacting the registrar, course requirements may be found at or outside of Robert’s office
  • Online guided study concluding with an in-classroom exam scheduled through the same procedure as a make-up (but no fee) that must be passed in order for the registrar to authorize you to sit to test
  • These courses are not for credit, do not affect GPA, and incur no tuition fee

NCCAOM Exam Eligibility Guide 2013: For all students in the summer 11-12 and beyond curriculum, includes students who converted to this curriculum Revised June 2013 and October 2013 and December 2013
NCCAOM Pre-graduation Application Guide