AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine


Graduation & Licensure

Applying for Graduation

Students should begin the graduation process at least two terms prior to the term in which they expect to complete their academic requirements. The first step in this process is the submission of the application for degree and the Graduation Guide serves as a timeline outlining the necessary steps to receive your degree.

Degree Audit  Students should select the form from below that corresponds with their first term at AOMA. To complete this form, students may obtain an unofficial copy of their transcript from the registrar or use their student portal. Once a student submits their application for graduation the registrar will complete an audit of the students didactic and clinical records to determine what is lacking that must be completed prior to conferring a degree.

Graduation Application - Summer 08 thru Spring 10
Graduation Application - Summer 10 thru Spring 11
Graduation Application - Summer 11 thru Spring 12
Graduation Application - Converts to the Summer 11 Curriculum

Examination Requirements  Students should also be aware that they must complete both a final written and practical examination as part of their program requirements.

The dates for these upcoming exams are:
Winter 14: Feb 23, practical exam & Mar 22, written exam
Spring 14:  June 1, practical exam & June 28, written exam
Summer 14: Aug 23, written exam & July 20, practical exam

Students may register for these exams during registration each term, or by contacting the registrar. Once registered, students will be able to review study guides and other information regarding these exams via their student portal.

Clinical Checklist of Procedures & Skills  Any student within a cohort prior to the summer 2011 must complete the one page procedures and skills checklist demonstrating skills in the clinic, while those within the summer 2011 cohort and beyond must complete the two page checklist.

Pre Summer 2011: Checklist of Procedures and Skills
Summer 2011 and Later: Checklist of Procedures and Skills

Additional Paperwork  In addition to the application for graduation, each student must complete the Graduation Certification form and Exit Survey.

The Graduation Certification form requires the following:

  • An exit interview completed with Anne Province or Will Morris. Please contact each individual directly to schedule.
  • Exit counseling with the Financial Aid office, if applicable.
  • Satisfaction of financial obligations with the Finance Office.
  • All items returned to the library.
  • Submission of completed form to the Registrar.

The exit survey will be placed in your student box during your final term; if you do not receive, please contact Cara Edmond, Director of Continuing Education and Institutional Effectiveness, or the registrar.

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony is held annually in September. If a student intends to graduate within the same calendar year as the ceremony, they may walk and be recognized provided the application for degree and graduation fee have been submitted. For more information contact Julia Aziz, Director of Student and Career Services, 512-492-3024.


Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements as verified by the registrar, diplomas will be released to graduates usually within two weeks of their graduation date. Graduates will receive notification that diplomas are available via email.

For any reason that a duplicate diploma is needed, the Replacement Diploma Request form must be completed and submitted with the appropriate fee as listed. Please note that due to changes is staffing, signatures may not match those on your original diploma.

Licensure Questions

Licensure requirements vary by state. It is important that each student begins researching the requirements for licensure for the state in which they wish to practice as early as possible. For licensure in the state of Texas, the AOMA Guide to TX licensure is a good place to start. For more information on licensure by state view the Professional Life section.

California Option In order to be eligible to take the California Licensure Examination, graduates who enrolled in the program after January 1, 2005 must also have completed 15 credits in basic sciences, as follows: three credits each in these courses, either as pre-requisite to admission, or as electives prior to graduation: general biology, chemistry (including organic and biochemistry), general physics (including a survey of biophysics), general psychology, and pathology. The academic advisors maintain a list of courses available at Austin Community College that satisfy this requirement for students who have not already satisfied upon admission. Once completed, these courses will be listed on a student’s transcript as “T” under the California Option.