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Student Organizations

How to create a student organization at AOMA

Current Student Organizations

AOMA Student Association
Please visit the ASA page on the AOMA website or the ASA website for more information.

Ju Jutsu Club
Purpose: To teach, learn and practice Akayama Ryu Ju Jutsu. AR Ju Jutsu is a comprehensive and traditional self-defense system using throws, ground controls, weapons, and joint locks to evade and control attack. Beyond the pragmatic, Ju Jutsu is also deeply concerned with personal development, mental and spiritual growth, and focus.
Student Contact: Chris Dewey
Regular Meetings: Tuesdays, 5-6pm in the Dojo

AOMA Student Veteran Organization
Purpose: As the Veteran population grows, so does the need for education. Our mission is to provide education to our peers, practitioners, and the community on the needs and challenges facing our nation's Veterans. As a student organization we will commmit to the student Veterans and provide support and resources to ensure continued success and the wellbeing of our student Veterans and AOMA.
Student Contact: Anthony Bailes

Chinese Language and Culture Club
Purpose: Chinese language, culture, and medicine are inherently linked. The Chinese Language and Culture Club provides students the opportunity to deepen their experience of TCM by learning to read, write, and speak conversational and medical Chinese and by participating in various aspects of Chinese culture and tradition.
Student Contact: Adam Hammick
Faculty Co-sponsor: Dr. Violet Song

Capoeira Club
Purpose: To promote healthy mind-body connections, cultural exchange and community within the Capoeira Club. We'll focus on a fun, positive environment to teach capoeira to students. Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian martial art that incorporates attack and defense moves, music, dance and expression.
Student Contact: Jessica McCullough

Qigong Group
Purpose: To encourage the practice of qigong by working and practicing together for accountability and support.
Student Contact: Bret Rogers
Faculty Co-Sponsor: Dr. Xu

AOMA Herbs Club
Purpose:  To assist AOMA students in gaining familiarity with living Chinese herbs and to organize activities around this theme.
Student Contact: Leigh Ann Gauntt
Staff Co-Sponsor: Sarah Bentley

The Needler
Purpose: The Needler hopes to unite the AOMA campus by providing a voice for the student body, faculty, and administration of AOMA in a relaxed, entertaining, and informative fashion. Read the latest edition - Fall 2012.
Student Contact: Tara Lattimore
Staff Co-Sponsor: Anne Province
AOMA Research Club
Purpose: To discuss research in the field of AOM. To plan and organize future research projects for AOMA students and faculty.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. John Finnell

Guidelines for Establishing a Student Organization at AOMA

Rights of Student Organizations
Responsibilities of Student Organizations

AOMA understands the role that student organizations play in developing student leadership skills and creating a rich campus environment. To that end, AOMA has created the following guidelines for establishing student organizations at AOMA. For questions, please contact Julia Aziz, Director of Student and Career Services, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

1. All organizations must complete the “Application for Student Organizations” and submit their completed application to the Director of Student and Career Services. AOMA reserves the right to deny organizations whose purpose is in conflict with AOMA’s vision, mission, and core values. Organizations will receive word of approval from the Director of Student and Career Services within two weeks of submission of their completed application.

2. All organizations must have the following:

  • A name
  • A purpose that is clearly correlated to AOMA’s mission of “Transforming Lives and Communities through Graduate Education in Oriental Medicine”
  • One member serving as the head of the organization
  • Defined activities including any use of school resources/property or involvement of school staff

3. All organizations receive the benefits outlined in the “Rights of Student Organizations” and must uphold the “Responsibilities of Student Organizations.” (see below)

Rights of Student Organizations:

  • Recruit members from within the AOMA student body.
  • Hold meetings on AOMA campus.
  • Sponsor activities and invite speakers to AOMA campus.
  • Use the AOMA name properly and appropriately following the guidelines outlined within the Student Manual.
  • Submit schedule of activities and meetings to Director of Student and Career Services for posting on the AOMA website and on-campus promotion.
  • Use AOMA facilities, equipment, and resources as appropriate and available and in accordance with the student organization’s purpose.

Responsibilities of Student Organizations:

  • Student organizations must adhere to all policies established for students as outlined in the Student Manual and the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Uphold AOMA’s non-discrimination policy. 
  • Maintain an active status on an annual basis by maintaining yearly contact with the Director of Student and Career Services..
  • Obtain approval for all events from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Director of Student and Career Services.
  • Communicate with the Director of Student and Career Services in a timely and respectful manner regarding all event promotion and publicity.
  • Notify the Director of Student and Career Services promptly and in writing of any changes to the group’s leadership, purpose, or guidelines for membership.
  • Respond promptly and respectfully to all inquiries from the AOMA administration.
  • Represent the purpose of the organization accurately and ethically in accordance with AOMA’s mission and core values.

For more information, contact Julia Aziz, Director of Student and Career Services, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)