Academic Advising

In our supportive and close-knit community, the academic advisors play an active role in the development of the students’ academic progress.  Advisors provide guidance for students concerning educational activities and trajectories. They help students understand the details of AOMA’s program and how best to navigate it. They offer advice regarding course registration and degree plans, they help students access the CAMS student portal system, and they connect students to resources within the greater Austin community. Working closely with faculty members, advisors also identify at-risk learners and help to plan steps for their remediation.

Advisors are assigned so each student may work with the same advisor over the course of their program at AOMA. To schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor, please contact them directly.  If you do not know who your assigned advisor is, please email or call Dami Tokoya at or 512-492-3010.

Diane Stanley, DAcOM, MAcOM, LAc, CFMP

Director of DAc Program, Institutional Effectiveness, and Research Coordinator, Academic Advising

512-492-3024 or

Violet Song, PhD, LAc

Senior Director of Doctoral Programs, Herbal Studies, Clinical Excellence and Education, and Research, Academic Advisor

512-492-3060 or

Reagan Taylor, MAcOM, LAc, AOMA class of 2016 (DAOM student)

Director of Clinic Readiness, Academic Advisor

512-492-3034 or

Robert Laguna, MSOM, LAc, AOMA class of 1997

Support Services and Community Clinics Coordinator, Academic Advisor

512-492-3010 or

Phil Garrison, DAOM, LAc (NY and CA), Five Branches University class of 2009, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine class of 2014

Senior Director of MAc Program and Distance Education, Academic Advisor

512-492-3057 or