AOMA is committed to the support of student academic achievement.  At any time during the program, students are able to access support and guidance from a variety of sources within the campus community.  Current students are welcome to work with our tutors when they need help with biomedical sciences, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine. AOMA tutors are advanced students, or recent graduates, who have shown academic aptitude in a particular subject and who have demonstrated the ability to communicate their knowledge. All tutors are selected and trained by the dean of students and care is taken to acknowledge and provide support for different learning styles (visual, audio, physical).

If you are interested in meeting with an AOMA tutor or if you would like to become a tutor, please contact Dami Tokoya, Senior Director of Student Services, Alumni Services, Diversity and Inclusion at 512-492-3010 or dtokoya@aoma.edu