Career Services

Personalized Career Support

Each practitioner is unique with a unique vision and healing philosophy.  Through personalized career support, AOMA helps students and Alumni achieve their vision for the work they wish to do in this world.  AOMA offers students and alumni individual assistance with resume creation, cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and networking support. Many resources can be found through the private website developed specifically for AOMA students and alumni.

  • Personalized Career Support
    Whether in-person, on the phone, or by email, you can meet with our Director of Student Services and Professional Growth to clarify your work intentions and start taking steps towards the work you really want to do. Whether you are a recent graduate, a long-time alumnus, or a new student, you are invited to take advantage of this free opportunity for support. Contact us to schedule an appointment!
  • Group Career Coaching
    All alumni and students are encourageded to join our LinkedIn coaching network as well as our AOMA Alumni Facebook Group where we share progress, exchange resources and give/receive support with all things related to growing the work we wish to do in this world.

Career Education

  • AcuTools Career Education Talks
    AOMA offers regular AcuTools presentations including distinguished professionals in the field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, alumni who return to share their experiences in the profession, and business leaders who offer practice management tips. All AcuTools talks are FREE to the public. Bring your lunch and bring your questions; leave with knowledge and an increased sense of engagement with the AOMA community.
  • Practice Management Field Work Program  Bridging the Gap between School and Career
    The Practice Management Field Work program is a voluntary enrichment opportunity, where students can assist local, successful acupuncture practices with their day-to-day operations, and thereby learn the business side of working in the health care field. AOMA maintains an updated list of Austin-based acupuncture clinics that offer paid and unpaid opportunities to work in their offices, doing various kinds of administrative work. As a student, you can use these opportunities to learn more about how an acupuncture clinic is set up and maintained. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities as a student, to enrich your own education in practice management. This networking opportunity to work alongside successful practitioners can help bridge the gap between being a student and working in the real world.

Job Opportunities

AOMA supports current students and alumni in their post-graduate endeavors.  One way we do this is by maintaining a list of acupuncture and Oriental medicine job listings and provide resources for finding job opportunities as a student.