Course Schedules

Course schedules are published approximately one month prior to online registration for the upcoming term. Schedules outline both didactic course offerings and all available student clinical rotations, and are available via pdf below for each program level.

Master of Acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine specialization Schedules

SAMPLE Schedule for Fall and Winter New MAc-CHMS Students

Summer 2021

  • Didactic Schedule - Update 5/24 (posted 5/25, 9am). Many classes meet 2 days/week for 6 weeks of the 8-week Summer term. Most didactic courses will continue to meet virtually, with priority for on-campus meetings going to courses with practical components. Few or no classes will meet on campus for all 8 weeks. Check the PDF schedule closer to the start of the term for updated meeting information.
  • Clinic Schedule -  Update Monday, June 8, 4 pm - Many full shifts; dark blue shifts are full/closed, light blue shifts are almost full. The Zoom link for Wednesday morning adds will go out Wed at 7:45 am via email, plan to join the meeting about 7:45 and we will start adding shifts at 8am in order of arrival. We will keep the Zoom meeting open until at least 9:15am, request changes/adds via email ( if you miss the morning zoom meeting!
    • (No clinic registration appointments for students who are not yet interning; register for Tue/Thursday Observation shifts in the Portal).
    • Registration for the 2-section Virtual Observation Shifts with Jiangsu Hosptial in China (Wednesday 7-10pm and Friday morning 9:30-12:30) was in the Student Portal Online, not through Clinic Registration. Please register for both sections if interested, these hours will NOT count against virtual hour maximums. (Course Numbers: CLZ 113 33O and CLZ 125 13O). Please add yourself to the waitlist if you are interested and it's full! We hope to offer this special clinic collaboration in future terms.
    • Please note the NEW SATURDAY MORNING NORTH shift that will be open to interns at the time of Clinic Registration.
    • Please see notes on PDF document; space will be more limited South, have back-ups in mind if your registration appointment is Tuesday.
    • UPDATE 5/24/21 - CLINIC OBSERVATION - Pre-Interns should register for Tuesday/Thursday afternoon Observation that is concurrent with Clinic Theater 1: CLZ 112.21O Clinic Observation. (It is listed in the portal as of today (5/24/31, 8:45am)! Check back to register if you had tried and it was missing). Thank you!
  • Please see the Registration Page for the Summer 2021 Registration Information Packet & other Registration How-To. The End of the Clinic & Online Registration Period (Free Add/Drop) for Summer 2021 is Friday, June 18th, 2021. Please have changes requested and finalized by this date. The Summer 2021 term  runs Monday, July 18 to Friday, September 10, 2021. 
  • Click here for the SU-21 Drop/Add Refund Schedule.


Spring 2021


Winter 2021


Fall 2020

Summer 2020

Spring 2020

Winter 2020

Doctoral Residency Week Schedules

Summer 2021 - New! Posted 5/26/2021

Spring 2021 - Updated! Posted 5/05/2021

Winter 2021 - Updated! posted 02/17/2021 DATE Changes for Feb 18 to Feb 28 and Feb 21 afternoon to March 7, 2021.

Fall 2020 - November Revised! posted 10/29/2020 - ALL doctoral students to attend OSCE training Monday 9/21 1-5 pm and proctor MAc OSCE exams on Sunday Nov 15 8am-5pm. Updated clinic supervisors.

Summer 2020 -

Spring 2020 -

Winter 2020 

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2021-2022 

Exam Schedule

Practical Exams (OSCEs), MAc-CHMS

Winter 2021 - Practical Exams: Sunday, February 21, 2021; Benchmark Exam: Complete in Brightspace, weeks 7-11.
Spring 2021 - Practical Exams: Sunday, June 6, 2021; Benchmark Exam: Complete in Brightspace, weeks 7-11.
Summer 2021 - (No Practical Exams in Summer terms); Benchmark Exam: Complete in Brightspace, weeks 4-7.
Fall 2021 - Practical Exams: Sunday, November 7, 2021; Benchmark Exam: Complete in Brightspace, weeks 7-11.

Students may register for these exams during registration each term, or by contacting the registrar. Once registered, students will have access to study guides and other details regarding these exams via their student portal. Practical Exams should be taken as follows:

Benchmark Exam: Pre-Internship, same term as Clinic Theater 2.
Level 1 Practical Exam: Completion of 144-180 total clinical internship hours
Level 2 Practical Exam: Completion of  432-540 total clinical internship hours

Course Schedule Glossary

Course title: Corresponds with the course description found in the Program Catalog.

Course number: Starts with the department code that is made up of two to three letters followed by a two to five-digit number. This is a unique number assigned to each course/clinic.

Instructor: If TBA or TBD rather than a given name, an instructor has yet to be assigned to this course/clinic.

Meeting times: Courses/clinics meet for the full term as listed under the day assigned on the schedule. If a class meets on certain dates, or for only part of a term, this will be noted on the schedule. Occasionally we offer classes on only Th/F or S/S.

Rooms: Classes are assigned to classrooms in building E, B, or the dojo. Clinics occur in their respective locations as indicated on the schedule.