Graduation and Commencement

Applying for Graduation

All MAcOM students should plan to submit an application for graduation at least two terms prior to their final term. Students in the DAOM program should submit their application for graduation at the latest during the first residency week of their final term.

Graduation Applications

Graduation Applications and Resources  Students should submit the application for graduation to the registrar after payment of the graduation fee is remitted to the finance office. Once a student submits their application, the registrar will complete an audit of the student’s didactic and clinical records to determine what is remaining to complete all requirements for their degree.

MAcOM Graduation Application
MAcOM Program Requirements
MAcOM Graduation Guide
DAOM Graduation Application

Additional Requirements - MAcOM degree

Examinations  Students should be aware that they must complete both a final written and practical examination as part of their degree requirements.

The dates for upcoming exams are:
Spring 15: May 31 practical exam and June 27 written exam
Summer 15: Aug 22 written exam

Students may register for these exams during registration each term, or by contacting the registrar. Once registered, students will be able to review study guides and other information regarding these exams via their student portal.

Clinical Checklist of Procedures & Skills (based on first term of clinical internship rotations)

Pre Summer 2011: Checklist of Procedures and Skills
Summer 2011 to Summer 2013: Checklist of Procedures and Skills
Fall 2013 + : Clinical checklist required are Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Herbal

Attend Exit Focus Group Meeting This meeting will occur on the Tuesday of week ten during long terms, and week six during the summer term. You must gather the signature of the individual leading this meeting on your graduation certification form.

Required Paperwork:  In addition to the application for graduation, each student must complete the Graduation Certification form and Exit Survey within their final month of studies.

The Graduation Certification requires the following:

  • Exit counseling with the Financial Aid office, if applicable.
  • Satisfaction of financial obligations with the Finance Office.
  • All items returned to the library.
  • Submission of completed form to the Registrar.

The Exit Survey will be placed in your student box during your final term; if you do not receive it, please contact Cara Edmond, Director of Continuing Education and Institutional Effectiveness, or the registrar.


Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements, diplomas will be released to graduates usually within two weeks of their graduation date. Graduates will receive notification that diplomas are available via email.

For any reason that a duplicate diploma is needed, the Replacement Diploma Request must be completed and submitted with the fee. Please be aware that, due to potential changes in staffing, replacement diploma signatures may not match those on your original document.


Each year, AOMA celebrates the graduation of 30 - 45 students with commencement exercises held in Austin, TX.  The ceremony is open to family and friends, and a prominent member of the acupuncture or Austin business community welcomes the new practitioners into their profession. Graduates also enjoy the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of their faculty members and are able to present the Calvin Key Wilson Community Leadership Award to a peer member of the AOMA student body. To complete the ceremony, graduates repeat the Healer’s Oath (below) to signify their initiation as practitioners of Chinese medicine.

The Healer's Oath (adapted from the Hippocratic Oath)

I stand before family and colleagues, solemnly dedicating my life to the art of healing.  In this commitment, I will do no harm. I honor my patients and face them with compassion, honesty, and integrity. I honor the source of this medicine. I honor my own health. I will practice this medicine with humility, conscience, and dignity. I will pursue life-long study.

Commencement 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Omni Southpark
4140 Governors Row
Austin, Texas 78744

Contact Cara Edmond about the commencement ceremony.