2021 AOMA Commencement Ceremony

Sunday, September 12, 2021, 1:30 pm

Omni Southpart, Austin, Texas


Attention 2021 & 2020 Graduates! (Update 7/9/2021)

Please complete this NEW 2021 AOMA Commencement Sign-Up Form to let us know your plans for participation in an AOMA Commencement Ceremony. 

Please complete the form by Friday, July 12th , 2021. Please complete the form to indicate whether you will be opting out of the 2021 ceremony. Graduates who participated in the 2020 Virtual Ceremony or opted out ARE eligible to walk this year, please complete the form to let us know your plans! It is recommended Winter 2022 (April 2022) graduates wait until next year's ceremony. Thank you!


AOMA holds one Annual Commencement Ceremony, previously in the Summer. The 2021 Ceremony will be Sunday, September 12, 2021. Generally graduates walk in the calendar year they plan to graduate.

The AOMA Graduation Fee is a one-time administrative fee applicable for all graduates, independant of participation in commencement; there is NO FEE to participate in the annual commencement ceremony. (There is also no fee for transcripts to NCCAOM, your first state licensure materials, or your initial diploma).  

Official Graduation Dates (on your diploma and final transcript) are usually the end of your final term, or the date that you completed all final graduation requirements (competency exams, portfolio submissions, make-up clinic hours) if later than the last Friday of the term. (The Commencement Ceremony date will not be your "Graduation" date).  

Graduation Ceremony Contacts: Estella Proctor, Ashley Loyd, Lisa DeWitt.

Graduation Application Form & Fee

Graduation Application Form

All MAc, DAc & DAOM students should plan to submit a Graduation Application Form & pay the administrative Graduation Fee at least two terms prior to their final term.  (Due Friday of Week 1, Second-to-last term). The Gradaution Fee is applicable whether or not graduates participate in the annual Commencement Ceremony; there is no fee associated with participation in Commencement (see above).  

Graduation & Licensure Planning Resources:

Graduation Certification

Graduation Certification

In addition to the Application for Graduation, each student must complete the Graduation Certification Form and Exit Survey within their final month of studies. 


Contact the AOMA Administrators & Staff in the following offices, sending them this email:

"Hello, I am preparing to graduate this term, can you please notify The Registrar's Office that I have fulfilled all requirements in your department?"

  • Student Services: Schedule and complete your Exit Interview by emailing Dr. Dami Tokoya, Sr. Director Student Services (
  • Financial Aid: Complete your Financial Aid Exit Counseling at, and email The Director of Financial Aid (Estella, 
  • Finance: Email Natalie in Finance ( to conifrm no outstanding financial requirements due. 
  • Library: Return items and pay outstanding Library fees, and email Rita in the Library ( to confirm.
  • Human Resources: Email Ashley J. in HR if you were a student employed by AOMA at any point (including work-study; not applicable if no employment with AOMA). 
  • Academics: Contact an Academic Advisor to schedule your final Portfolio Review (complete/turn-in Checklists 3/Herbalist, Level 2, 1, if applicable). 
  • Registrar: Complete the NEW! MAc & Doctoral Graduation Online Certification Form


Diplomas will be released to graduates within approximately two weeks of their graduation date, mid January for Fall (December) graduates. Graduates will receive notification when diplomas are sent out in the mail or available for pick-up on campus.

For any reason that a duplicate diploma is needed, the Replacement/Additional Diploma Request must be completed and submitted with the fee, which can be paid online. Please be aware that due to potential changes in staffing, replacement diploma signatures may not match those on the original document.