MAcCHM Program Resources

Clinical Resources

See this PDF Quick-Reference for Clinical Internship and Portfolio Requirements from the Program Catalog for an overview of requirements for advancing through clinical levels and the accompanying portfolio requirements; including details of required coursework.

Check the Brightspace MAc Clinic Internship Course for Clinic resources, and to submit required documents and forms - including the NEW (July 2021) Registar's Student Clinic Hour Tracking Tool, and the Registrar Office Clinic Hour FAQ. 

Pre-Internship materials to submit in Brightspace:

  • Copy of CNT Certificate
  • Copy of CPR Certification
  • Pre-Internship/Observation Checklist (Turn in at Benchmark Exam)

Pre-Graduation Materials to Submit in Brightspace:

  • Level 1 Checklist (Turn in at Level 1 OSCE)
  • Level 2 Checklist (Turn in at Level 2 OSCE)
  • Level 3/Herbalist Checklist (Turn in at Final Portfolio Review)
  • Final Portfolio Review (Schedule and complete with Advisor).

PDF Checklists, Forms:


Academic Resources

Portfolio Requirement

This packet outlines the details of completion of the portfolio requirement that span the length of the program and include works from clinic rotations as well as from various courses, practical exams, professional development, and intern meetings. Schedule a Final Portfolio Review with an Academic Advisor and submit your materials by email to the Advisor.


NCCAOM Eligibility & Competency Exams  

NCCAOM has discontinued the "Pre-Graduation" exam option as of the Fall of 2019, but in 2020 and 2021 have allowed students to register for and start sitting for exams 60 days prior to Graduation. Complete all 4 of your AOMA Competency Exams (Acupuncture, Foundations, Herbal, Biomedicine) by this time to eligible for document submission to NCCAOM. See more on the NCCAOM & Licensure Page. Register in your final term for all 4 Competency exams (RQ Course numbers); access study materials in the Student Portal and complete the exam in Brightspace.


MAcCHM Checklists: Tasks and Requirements  

Please see the Licensure Page & the Graduation Page for checklists, resources and tools for preparing for planning for Graduation & Licensure. Here are some additional checklist tools, for your reference: