Registration Dates & Resources

Please see the Schedule's Page for the Fall 2021 Registration Information packet, Registration Reference/Trouble-shooting resource, and the Term & Academic Calendars (Master's & Doctoral). 

Fall 2021 Online Registration (MAcCHM and CCHM only):

Monday, Aug 2: Fourth year* student registration
Wednesday, Aug 4: Third year* student registration
Friday, Aug 6: Second year* student registration
Monday, Aug 9: First year* student registration
Wednesday, Aug 11: Non-Degree Seeking student registration


Fall 2021 In-Office Clinical Registration:
Monday, August 16th and Tuesday, August 17, 8-10am, 12:30-2pm


End of the Fall 2021 Free Drop/Add Period (Close of Online & Clinic Registration):

Friday, August 27th 


*College Level (MAcCHM)

Fourth year: 146.01 to 200+ credits earned
Third year: 107.6 to 146 credits
Second year: 52.9 to 107.5 credits
First year: 0 to 52.8 credits

*College level is defined by total credits completed; this information may be found on your degree audit. Once registration opens for your class at 9am on the above date, it remains open through the end of free add/drop during which you may add/drop courses via the student portal.

The official registration period each term begins with the start of online registration and concludes with the last day of free add and drop for all MAcCHM, herbal, and non-degree seeking students. Students within the DAOM program are registered each term by the registrar and notified once registered for the upcoming term. Students within the DAcCHM program must see the registrar to register for courses each term.

While didactic registration occurs online for MAcCHM, herbal, and non-degree seeking students, registration for clinical rotations beyond the level of observation are handled through in-office registration. All registration dates are published in the Academic Calendar.

Registration for newly-admitted MAcCHM students occurs through a one-on-one appointment with an academic advisor and is coordinated through the admissions office. Consequently, please be aware that the below dates do not reflect registration dates for new students.

Registration Prep for MAcCHM Program

Every MAcCHM, herbal, and non-degree seeking student receives a registration packet via their email on record. This email includes dates and deadlines for the upcoming term as well as listing the student’s assigned clinical registration time based on total accumulated credits earned. If you do not receive an email, please contact the registrar.

Planning Your Term
Each student should review the schedules and academic calendar when planning which courses, clinics, and other program requirements they should complete each term. Students should also be aware of prerequisites and co-requisites when planning their courses. This may be completed by reviewing the course structure in the Program Catalog (See Program Catalog drop-down).  

Each student should meet with an academic advisor regularly. These meetings offer the opportunity to plan coursework for the upcoming term and provide an opportunity to obtain clarification of degree requirements. Contact advisors directly to schedule.

Course Audits
Courses may be audited only after a student has successfully completed the course at AOMA, or if a student is required to audit due to receiving transfer credit for a course. Students who wish to complete an audit that is not required due to transfer may register to audit during their registration time. This initial registration is made with the understanding that students needing the course to fulfill a program requirement have priority; i. e. a student may be dropped from an audit if there is not space.

Holds may be placed on a student’s account due to financial or academic issues. These holds may prevent registration and can be viewed on the student portal. All holds must be reconciled prior to registration. For questions about financial holds, please contact Natalie Garrett and for academic concerns, please contact the registrar.

Registration Day

Waitlists for coursework are created by CAMS during online registration while clinical waitlists are created during in-office registration. All waitlists are managed by the registrar.

Clinical registration by proxy
If a student is unable to attend their Clinic Registration Appointment, they may designate a proxy to register for them. The role of proxy may be filled by another student. However, the designated proxy must register at the time assigned to the student. Students registered via proxy will follow the same procedures as those in place during in-office registration; no changes will be made to one’s wait lists or registration until the start of the free add/drop period. It is strongly advised to seek a proxy rather than wait to register at a time later than that assigned.

Late registration
An individual may register any time after the start of the registration period for each term through the first week of the term. Fees apply after the end of the free Add/Drop period.

Post Registration

Add/Drop - Clinic and Didactic Registration
Beginning the Wednesday of registration week and continuing two weeks following registration, students may add and drop clinical internship rotations without penalty with the registrar.

Summer 2021 free add/drop period: Wednesday, June 9 - Friday, June 18, 2021 (4pm)

Fall 2021 free add/drop period: Wednesday, Aug 18 - Friday, Aug 27, 2021 (4pm)

Winter 2021 free add/drop period: Wednesday, Nov 10 - Friday, Nov 19, 2021 (4pm)

Spring 2021 free add/drop period: Wednesday, Feb 23 - Friday, March 11 , 2021 (4pm)

During this free add/drop period, no fee is charged for changes made to a student’s schedule. Students may add and drop courses during this time via their student portal. Changes made after this period are subject to fees as outlined in the Student Manual. All changes during the free period are processed directly through the registrar. Changes made after the free period must be processed through the finance office with approval to add any course or clinical rotation from the registrar.

Payment is due by the end of the first week of the term. For questions, please contact the Finance Office.

If after registration, a student needs to withdraw from the upcoming term, the Withdrawal Authorization Form (which can be found on the Transcripts & Forms page) must be completed prior to being dropped from all registered coursework.

Please contact the registrar at (512) 492-3011 or with any questions regarding the above information.