Transcripts and Forms

  • Make-Up & Competency Exam Requests

    • Make-Up Exams need to be taken before the next meeting of the class. Any exception must have an instructors' approval prior to scheduling. Not all instructors allow make-up exams; check your syllabus prior to scheduling. Please Note: the time for make-up exams in the Summer term is short, since classes meet twice per week. All students who complete a make-up exam, written or practical, proctored by staff or faculty, will be charged a make-up exam fee for each exam. The student is responsible for communicating with faculty and staff to schedule and complete missed exams. (Click here for the Comprehensive Make-Up Exam policy from the General Policies & Procedures Manual, Pg 52-54)
    • Available Testing Times:

      • Non-Final Make-Up Exams can be scheduled Monday – Friday, 12:30 – 2 pm.
      • Final & Competency Exams can be scheduled Monday-Friday, 11 am – 2pm.
      • All exams must be complete by 2pm. 
    • To Schedule a Make-Up Exam:

      1. Pay the $40 Make-Up Exam Fee in person in Finance or through the online store.
      2. Forward your emailed receipt and the completed Exam Request Form with ALL Exam information to:
    • To Schedule a Competency Exam:

      1. Email with your requested date, time (11a-2p), and exam (no fee for competency exams). Email the Registrar to be added to the portal to access study materials.
  • Transcript Requests

    • Official Transcripts

      1. Pay the $15 Official Transcript Fee online. 
      2. Forward your emailed receipt and the completed Transcript Request Form to
      3. Requests can also be submitted by mail: AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, ATTN: Registrar, 4701 West Gate Dr, Austin, Texas 78745; or by Fax: 512-454-7001.
      4. Note on Electronic Official Transcripts: If you are requesting an official transcript to be submitted electronically, you must provide a screenshot and link from the recieving institution's webpage, stating that electronic official transcripts are accepted at the address provided. AOMA does not subscribe to any portal submission services, so this method of electronic submission is not an option. Electronic Official Transcripts are not issued to students.
      5. Please allow for 4-8 bussiness days for the processing of Official Transcript Requests. 
    • Unofficial Transcripts

      • Unofficial transcripts can also be requested through the Transcript Request Form for no fee. Transcripts information can also be viewed and printed from the Student Portal. Please allow for 2-5 bussiness days for unofficial transcript requests.
    • State Licensure Forms & Applications

      • Please submit any relevant forms at the time of your Official Transcript Request. Check for forms titles such as Dean's Letter/Reference, Professional Referenece, Academic Reference). (Please see Licensure page for more information). 
      • Please allow for 14-28 bussiness days for the processing of some State Licensure application requests
  • Enrollment Verifications

    • Proof of enrollment can be provided upon request. Requests can be (1) Dropped off in person in the box outside the Registrar's Office door, or (2) submitted by emailed Enrollment Verification Request Form to Be sure to include the recipient info, any specific information requested by the recipient, and any additional forms that need to be submitted. Examples of types of recipients: Student Loan deferrment, housing, employers, scholarships.
    • Note: For student discounts and other informal verification needs, generally a print out or screenshot of a schedule or transcript will suffice, which you can access through your My AOMA Student Portal. You can also request a student email account through Jean Greene at the Building C Front desk. 
  • Data Change Request Revised February 2018

    • Please use this form when submitting name changes or updating current address.
  • Diploma Replacement/Duplicate Request Revised May 2016

    • Please utilize the directions within Transcript Request below in submitting this completed form.
  • 2020 Annual FERPA Notification - Review of Student Rights under the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act

  • ID/Clinical Badge Replacement Request Form

  • Withdrawal Authorization