AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine


Mary Elizabeth Wakefield


Mary Elizabeth Wakefield , LAc, Dipl. Ac., MS, MM

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture 

Thursday, February 13, 2014 9-6  (Located at AOMA campus)

Course Description:

The protocols in this seminar are based upon those found in Ms. Wakefield’s book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, which has recently been published by Elsevier (UK).  Course materials will include a definition of facial acupuncture, benefits and contraindications, and information on the 3 levels of constitutional treatment – Jing, Ying and Wei.  The facial protocols utilize the origin and insertion of the facial muscles to more effectively lift and tone the face; participants will also learn the location and TCM indications for the 3 Shen scalp points, which will be paired with specific essential oils, and can be used to address psychospiritual issues that may arise during a treatment.  A complete topical Chinese herbal treatment, featuring natural creams, essential oils, hydrosols, and the use of jade rollers, will be introduced to support and enhance the results of the needling protocols.  Ms. Wakefield will conclude her presentation with a demonstration of the entire treatment protocol for the participants.

Speaker Bio:

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M., AAAOM Educatorof the Year,and author of the new book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (Churchill Livingstone Elsevier), iswidely acknowledged as the leading international authority on facial acupuncture.   She is a recognized author,teacher,practitioner and the creator of innovative treatment protocols that both emphasize a constitutional approach to this modality and utilize facial acu-muscle points.  Mary Elizabethappears regularly at leading acupuncture symposia in North America– including the Canadian Oriental Medicine Symposium (COMS), AAAOM, CSOMA and AOMA and thePacific Symposiumin San Diego, CA.  She has also been featured at international acupuncture conferences in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, GERMANY (AGTCMTCM-Kongress), Sydney, AUSTRALIA (AACMAC and WFAS) and Shanghai, CHINA (University of TCM, Shanghai).  In addition toa busy teaching schedulein the United States, Ms. Wakefieldcontinues to expand her global reach as aneducator with certification series offerings in Melbourne, VIC,Brisbane,QLD and Sydney,NSW, AUSTRALIA, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND,Vancouver, BC, Calgary, AB, and Montreal, QC,CANADA, London, UNITED KINGDOM, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS, Tokyo, JAPAN, Rothenburg ob der Tauber,GERMANY, Zurich, SWITZERLAND,Bogota, COLOMBIA, and Bali,INDONESIA.  She has 30 years ofclinical professional experience as a healing practitioner,andhas personally trained closeto 4,500 healthcare practitioners from five continents- North America, SouthAmerica, Europe, Asia and Australasia-in her protocols.

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